Repairing mind and body in Malta


Sliema front beach, Malta: Gomukasana (cow pose).
Rocky beach in Sliema, Malta: Gomukasana (cow pose).

Meditating on Sliema seafront, Malta

Retreating to Malta/ Gozo for the summer

Malta and its sister island Gozo are beautiful places to visit if you are seeking an island escape. I found some wonderful spots to relax and will be organising a trip for anyone who cares to join me to refresh body and mind, most likely in Nadur, Gozo. This hilltop village isn’t  far from beautiful Ramla bay, which remains relatively quiet and unspoiled.  Uusally the seas are fairly calm in July and August in Malta and Gozo. The pictures above were taken while the Mistral was blowing over three days.

Ramla Bay Gozo.

Ramla Bay Gozo.

Ramla Bay from Calypso’s cave  (now shut off to public until they prop up falling rocks. I took this in 2009).