Hotpod yoga for Yoga Nieuw-west community

“Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
(Jim Rohn)

As classes are limited for December at Yoga Nieuw-west, I have arranged a special deal with Hotpod yoga Amsterdam and anyone registered with Yoga Nieuw-west Amsterdam to enable you to keep up your yoga practice. You will get the opportunity to try out yoga in a hotter room (actually a specially designed Hotpod) with a wonderful yoga teacher, Mercedes Parellada.

Hot pod yoga

Yoga in the Hotpod

Amsterdam Yoga Nieuw-west members are entitled to a 5-class pass for EUR 25 (normal price is EUR 45) which has no expiry date. I will send the details on how to book with the discount to those of you registered with a Yoga Nieuw-west. If you do not receive the information by email  by end of 1 December, then please get in touch.


Hotpod yoga is not far from Yoga Nieuw-west

Location of Hotpod yoga

During week days, Hotpod yoga is at Club Lite, 24B Jan van Galenstraat, 1051 KM, NL Amsterdam at 9:30 and 18:30. On Friday, exceptionally, there is no evening class.
You can also do yoga during the weekends in Amsterdam Noord , just take the ferry from in front of Central Station (Buiksloterweg), and at the other end is Tolhuistuin,  Tolhuisweg 5—a big café where the hotpod will be set up. Saturday and Sunday, yoga starts at 10:30am. Classes last one hour.

Mercedes Parellada, who set up Hotpod yoga Amsterdam, teaches a Vinyasa (flow) based style of yoga that is accessible for all levels of yoga practice. The sequence is similar in some parts, and complementary to the sequence we follow at Yoga Nieuw-west. Focus is also on the breath, which is particularly necessary in a hot room—in this case a heated, cocoon-like studio-pod.

Discover hot yoga

You will also discover the healing benefits of practicing in a hot room. Hotpod yoga classes take place at 37 °c (slightly lower than the traditional 40°c in most Hot Yoga rooms). Doing yoga in a heated environment helps focus, relaxes the muscles, promotes joint flexibility and improves blood circulation. Increased sweating will help your body flush out toxins.

Special for students at Yoga Nieuw-west

Please note, this arrangement is only available to students at Yoga Nieuw-west and you need to purchase the card in December. The card is valid for 5 classes and there is no official expiry date. But don’t forget that change comes with practice.

 Complementary yoga

If you would like to practice more than one to two classes a week and also have a complementary practice at accessible prices, then Hotpod yoga will continue to offer a special price for Yoga Nieuw-west students after December. The December price, however, is an opening gift that keeps prices more in line with the community rates of Yoga Nieuw-west. (Hotpod yoga Amsterdam provides yoga mats. Dress in shorts and a T-shirt / vest top.)



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