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Welcome to Making space 2 change  where you’ll find news and information on yoga classes in Amsterdam Nieuw West, plus insights into how yoga can improve your well-being and life in general.The best way to find out about the effects of yoga is to practice yourself. So come along one evening and try out a class.

Yoga Nieuw-west is open to everyone.  Experience energizing yoga sequences which work on re-balancing body and mind with emphasis on using the breath to deepen the relaxation and strengthen your core. The classes include meditation and breathing exercises which calm the mind and warm up the body before beginning the class.

Regular yoga practice with a qualified instructor will have a powerful and positive effect on your life.

Classes at Yoga Nieuw-west  last one and a half hours and take place on Wednesday evenings in the De Honingraat, Slotermeerlaan 103F, 1063 JN Amsterdam, Amsterdam.

Natasha GunnYoga teachers at Yoga Nieuw West
Natasha Gunn:
After a three-year training at Sai Mithra yoga centre in Amsterdam to become a teacher of Transformative Yoga, I started teaching a combination of yoga and meditation in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-west area.

In 2012, I discovered Hot Yoga and love what this more powerful style of yoga does for your mind and body. I have experienced this as a clear direction and discipline in my daily life. I wanted to share this with others and decided to take a training. On 10 November 2013, I completed the Hot Yoga Teacher Training at Absolute Yoga Academy. 

Going with the flow
After working as a hot yoga teacher at Forty Degrees hot yoga studio in Amsterdam for several months, I decided to broaden my knowledge of yoga practice and styles and now practice Astanga Mysore at Delight yoga in Amsterdam. Astanga yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures which offer regular discipline and practice to the body and mind to aid transformation and healing.

Trauma-sensitive Yoga
In June 2015, I completed a 4-day training in teaching Trauma-sensitive Yoga with the Trauma Center Yoga Program. Research carried out at the Trauma Center shows that yoga techniques can adapted and used to support the healing and transformation of people who have gone through deeply traumatizing experiences in their lives.

Vinyasa Krama Yoga — going back to the source

In November and December 2015 I completed a 100-hour advanced teacher training in Vinyasakrama with Srivatsa Ramaswami, a pupil of 30 years with Krishnamacharya. As well as asana and vinyasas, we covered pranayama (breathing exercises) and mudras (energy locks) and yoga for the internal organs. Overal, this training focussed on using yoga in a therapeutic way to improve health and included going through the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and an overview of the goal of (Kaivalya or spiritual freedom) and the means of attaining the goal as explained in the sutras, chapter by chapter, word by word.

Currently, I teach yoga at De Honingraat community center in Amsterdam Nieuw-west, Hot yoga Eindhoven (lead teacher and programme leader).

Previously I taught at Hotflow yoga Jordaan and Center Open Field and FortyDegrees yoga in Amsterdam.