How yoga changed my life in six minutes forty seconds

A six minute forty second presentation on what hot yoga is can leave you breathless — but if you do yoga…well, it helps!  And hey, if it isn’t perfect, then remember three things: Practice, practice, practice.  It’s all about the breath.

Healing with heat: PechaKucha Presentation Maastricht 2014

Healing with heat


Laughter in yoga class is okay

Ohm, ohhhmmmmm, ohhhmmmmm.  As the class sang out this ancient mantra, she found it hard not to think.  And the teacher had just been telling her to look at the thought and then let it go. Hard to let that one go!  What on earth am I doing here chanting Ohm (Aum, Om) like I’m part of some religious cult!

Sure, you can think if you like, and laugh if you have to.  Just because you’re looking inwards, it doesn’t mean that your humour will leave you. Laughter, after all, is an emotional release.  Which makes laughter therapy popular. Picture yourself standing in a yoga class for laughter mediation, feeling it’s impossible to force a laugh. Until you find yourself really laughing at how ridiculous the teacher looks, or fellow participants or yourself for joining in!  Simply starting the action of laughing brings on the laughter. Check out this dude, especially his ‘soundless’ laughter to crack at least a smile.

This is the way to go with Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga), which harnesses self-triggered laughter on a physical plane and doesn’t necessarily rely on ‘humour’ to set it off.

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