The real key to yoga

“Strengthening your capacity for attention is the real key to yoga, and your breathing is key to this capacity. This is more important than being able to touch your toes, or stand on your head or turn yourself inside out….”

Source: Erich Schiffmann — The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness

Changing your relationship with time

One of the biggest excuses we use for not doing what we love is that we have no time. But we can change our relationship with time.

Reflect on how you use time to measure experiences. When do you have time on your hands or run out of it or lose it?  The choice is yours to take the time you need to do what you feel is important.

This poem, Endless Time, by Tagore describes timelessness beautifully.

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Making space to change

At the moment I am making space to change.

Whatever anyone does has something to do with their own trip. If they do it well, anyone else who joins them will benefit from it too.  Especially if they are trying to do the same thing, which is why they were attracted in the first place.

The more people who come together then, the more powerful the effect.

Making space when you don’t have time

What do you do when you feel that there isn’t any space left for you to be yourself, to think, to get the rest you need?

Often women feel like this, especially women bringing up their children alone. The demands of modern life coupled with bringing up children more or less singlehandedly can make you feel as if you are losing yourself.

When the day involves bringing children to and from childcare, working at the office, shopping, cooking, cleaning and putting children to bed, you hardly have time to relax. It can be faster to use a fix; like alcohol, TV, junk food, or simply you drop into bed, worried you’ll feel too tired in the morning.

Okay, I may have painted an exaggerated picture, but for some women it can be like this pretty much all of the time. What helps?

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