Yoga in Amsterdam Slotermeer

Natasha is now teaching Vinyasa Krama, Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, at Hot Yoga Eindhoven.  “I really miss teaching the community classes at Yoga Nieuw West, but life moves on. I am still available to give private classes in Amsterdam when requested and when I am out of Eindhoven! Watch this space and Hot Yoga Eindhoven to keep informed about a Yoga Retreat ‘Natasha is leading in 2018.” Yoga in Amsterdam nieuw west (Yoga Nieuw West) has moved with Isabel to Yoga in Amsterdam Slotermeer. Contact Isabel at

Flow Yoga in Amsterdam Nieuw-west

Welcome Isabel to yoga in de Honingraat in Amsterdam Slotermeer

As 2017 approaches, this is a good time to change hands as I put my focus to our busy school in Eindhoven, Hot Yoga Eindhoven. From 11 January 2017 you will have Isabel Janowskii as your new teacher at de Honingraat community yoga classes.

What yoga, where and when?
Isabel will let you know the details but she will be giving Flow Yoga classes for all levels. Prices will remain low as this is a community project.

Isabel’s contact details
I leave information on the location of the classes and times on this website until Isabel creates her own for you.

Join the last class with Natasha on 21 December!
Join me on Wednesday, 21 December at de Honingraat at 19.30 if you can! I have a special Flow class lined up for you, ending with some calming breathing exercises to see us through the Christmas festivities!

Wishing you a wonderful 2017
I have loved meeting you all and sharing my yoga practice with you. You have all given me, and Hans, so much energy and goodwill over the last few years of teaching yoga in Yoga Nieuw west.

Keep using  the tools of  yoga to stabilise and calm your lives, even when times seem hard. Focus on your breathing, deep and smooth! Follow what feels right for you. Nothing else is worth it. I  wish you all a wonderful 2017 and beyond!


Yoga for mind clarity

Are you searching for tools to keep a calm, balanced but creative mind? A sustainable home practice that you will stick to?  A way to keep you lucid, fit and able to react in a constructive way to unexpected and stressful happenings? A way to unblock your creativity and sharpen your focus?

Yoga for mind clarity

Join me for an English language Workshop in the Art of Vinyasa Krama Yoga: Yoga for mind clarity on 7 and 21 February at Center Open Field in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

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Vinyasa yoga from the source

‘Breath is central to yoga because it is central to life. And yoga is about life.’
Sri T. Krishnamacharya

I have Just completed a training in Vinyasa Krama with Srivatsa Ramaswami, who trained with the legendary Krishnamacharya for over 30 years. Going back to the source of yoga was a gift that I will share in my classes.


In the meantime, during the seasonal break at Yoga Nieuw-west, here are some little pearls of wisdom for those choosing the path to freedom: Continue reading