Making yoga a sustainable part of your life

“Freedom from wanting unlocks the real purpose of existence.”

Yoga, like anything else in your life, needs to be sustainable to work. When you start something new, something you find you like, you can throw yourself into it with great enthusiasm. Or you can find that something new is challenging and therefore needs you to put a lot of energy into it as you process many new things. After a while you will start to see the results. This is often the moment when you can let things slide. It is at the moment when something is working well for you that you need to readjust to keep things in balance for yourself. Perhaps slacken off a bit in how much you do of it, or relax the way you look at it as it becomes more manageable for you. But don’t drop it. Continue reading

Changing your relationship with time

One of the biggest excuses we use for not doing what we love is that we have no time. But we can change our relationship with time.

Reflect on how you use time to measure experiences. When do you have time on your hands or run out of it or lose it?  The choice is yours to take the time you need to do what you feel is important.

This poem, Endless Time, by Tagore describes timelessness beautifully.

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